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Winter Memories in Canada

What’s your favorite winter memory? Not necessarily a Holiday memory.

One of my favorite winter memories is my whole family driving up to our farm in the winter. Our parents didn’t usually take us in the winter. 🥶 It was so beautiful and cold. The farm had the typical super long driveway and it was a deep cold Canadian winter and much to our chagrin, the driveway hadn’t been plowed before we arrived and my Dad had to park “the suburban” at the end of the drive and walk in to the house. We grabbed all that we could carry and walked and walked and walked. I think I made snow angels along the way and though it was cold, everyone was happy and laughing. When we finally got through the door it was all smiles and glasses clinking.

After that I just remember sharing my room w my cousin and thinking how cool is this?! How about you? What’s your favorite winter time memory?

xo Clara

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