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Getting focused in January

Working from home? Accomplishing one task, even if it’s a small one, makes you feel good inside. Seeing the work pile up, has the opposite effect!

I’m sharing tips to help you get focused so you can get productive!!

Use this technique, aka the Pomodoro Technique, to help you complete tasks that aren’t fun or may be even overwhelming. 

Do you have a never ending To-Do List? Then you’ll appreciate that sometimes you can’t get it all done in one giant chunk.

This technique breaks up work sessions into 25 minute segments.

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Step 1. Write down your To-Do List. 

Step 2. Set your timer and focus on one task until the timer rings

Step 3. When your session ends, mark the task completed, if it’s not fully completed, just write what you’ve accomplished

Step 4. Take a break – 5 minutes

Step 5. Work for the next 25 minutes towards completing a single task

Divide up each task on your list so that you have smaller and more actionable pieces to complete.

During those 25 minutes, no phone, no email. Let yourself finish a single 25 minute task before going down the social media rabbit hole OR set up another 25 minute segment. Once you’ve completed 4 25 minute work sessions allow yourself a break.

You probably noticed items on your To-Do List that are smaller and only take a few minutes to complete. Right?!

Complete smaller tasks together in one 25 minute segment.

Take a 5 minute break when the timer rings and start again if needed.

Small tasks might look like: making a dentist appointment, throwing in a load of laundry, and emptying the dishwasher. Remember to set the timer! If you suddenly remember of another task, write it down.

Interruptions can totally derail your goals when you’re working. Replying to texts, checking incoming messages, and now that you may be working from home, family interruptions happen. 

Take a 5 minute break and start the timer again so you can have a fresh start. 

While you may think that the little interruptions throughout your day don’t add up, consider the amount of time it takes you to regain your focus.

Speaking about breaks, now that you’re familiar with the power of working in 25 minute increments, when do you give yourself a break?

Here’s what your day might look like following this method for focus.

One 25 minute session completed = 5 minute break

Four 25 minute sessions completed = 20 minute tea & cookies break 

Four 25 minute sessions completed = 30 lunch break

Two sessions 25 minute completed = 20 minute fresh air break

Start your day with increased focus, concentration and planning!!

Ready to boost your Pomodoro Technique?? Sipping beneficial herbs, like brahmi and tulsi, combined with green tea increases focus and helps the body adapt better to handle stress. 

Add beneficial ingredients to your focus with Buddha Focus Tea

Ready to add a natural remedy to your focus strategy? I recommend Buddha Focus Tea to help you with concentration and clarity. With ingredients like green tea, brahmi, tulsi, ginseng, this powerful combination of herbs and roots will help you cope better with stress, mental fatigue, while enjoying an improved ability to focus and you may even feel some happy side effects such as being more social! How’s that for tea-tastic?! 🙂

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