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Why I turned to Natural Remedies

Why did I turned to natural remedies, plants and herbs? I was beyond tired, in pain and worried about what (else) could possibly be “wrong” with me. 

It can be hard to get motivated, to do something when you’re feeling tired, anxious, feeling pain or dealing with brain fog.  I didn’t know what Brain Fog was until it went away! Removing gluten from my diet was a game changer! Of course, when you’re diagnosed Celiac, eating gluten free is not a lifestyle choice, but a necessity!

In addition though, I realized I suffered from other health concerns and it was once those issues came to the forefront, adding botanicals and herbs like thyme, hibiscus, lemon grass, and tulsi tea helped me on my wellness journey.

We recently enjoyed Family Day here in Ontario and now I’ve got a strong foothold on the journey to recovery and participating in Family Day activities better than in past years. 

I hope you’re doing something special with your family, and that you feel amazing! 

I’d love to hear some of your self-care and self-healing remedies?

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