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Celebrate with Me!

​​Three reasons why the month of May is meaningful to me. It’s very personal and it’s not just because it’s ma’ birthday!!! 🎉
It was the month of May when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Amazing because this month happens to be Celiac Awareness Month!

I was grateful to finally learn why I felt so awful! 💚
But, this month is a biggie for me and it’s official! 

I’m four years free from my Meningioma aka a nasty large thing growing on my brain. ewww. 🤍

With so much to celebrate, I’ve set up a groovy Celebratory Sale! Check it out. 

Purchase 2 spice gift boxes = free shipping or add to cart 2 or more tea or accessories = 25% off 
This is the bestest sale ever! 💚💛🤍

Cheers to May!!! Let me know if I can help with anything. 🙂 Clara

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