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Secret Ingredient Enchiladas Sauce Recipe

What’s the secret ingredient to my enchiladas? The sauce doesn’t come from a can!  It’s so easy to make and yes, it’s good for you without funky ingredients like citric acid that’s really not good for you especially if you have arthritis, Fibro, or auto-immune. 

PS. Did you know that most citric acid no longer comes from citrus? I know. I thought it did too!

Easy Enchilada Sauce

3 tablespoons gf flour of choice

2 tablespoons chili powder or Muskoka Pantry Mexican Mole Seasoning (PS It’s made with cocoa powder) it is ahh-mazing!

2 teaspoons ground cumin

1 teaspoon ground garlic powder

½ tsp ground black pepper

½ teaspoon dried oregano flakes

½ teaspoon Muskoka Pantry El Salvador Sun Sea Salt

¼ tsp cinnamon (if using MP Mexican Mole skip the cinnamon)

1 ½  cups tomato puree or tomato sauce 

2 cups vegetable stock

2 tablespoons olive oil


In a large pot, heat olive oil over medium heat and gently sprinkle in flour and spices. Stir until the mixture is lightly browned and fragrant. This only takes a couple of minutes.

Turn down heat and add tomato sauce and stir vigorously to combine using a whisk. Add broth and continue to stir until to remove any lumps.

Bring heat back up to medium and simmer seasoned sauce for about 7-10 minutes.

If the sauce is too thick, thin it with additional stock or a bit of water. It should coat a spoon and flow smoothly.

Use this sauce in your next enchilada recipe! 

Remember to Save this recipe for later!

You can find the spices for this recipe online in The Muskoka Pantry shop. If you have questions, let me know!

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