Artichoke Stuffed Chicken
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Artichoke Stuffed Chicken

Rich and flavourful, baked stuffed chicken is an easy to prepare week night favourite!


4 Chicken breasts; slice down the middle but not through

Filling Ingredients:

1 package of cream cheese (I use vegan cream cheese), softened

1 can artichoke hearts in water, drained and chopped

1 packed cup of baby spinach; chopped

2 tablespoons of Muskoka Pantry Garlic & Herb spice


Preheat the oven to 400 *F

Blend stuffing ingredients. Set aside

Prepare chicken breast by slicing meat just enough to create a pocket for the filling

Season chicken with Muskoka Steak Spice add salt to taste

Stuff chicken pockets with artichoke and cream cheese filling and add to a pan

Drizzle olive oil over each chicken breast to prevent the chicken from drying out. Baste chicken occasionally if required.

Bake chicken for 30 minutes at 400*F Internal cooked temperature of stuffed chicken breast is a minimum of 165*F.

  • Notes: Top chicken with shredded parmesan or cheese of your choice before baking

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