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5 Tips to Get Focused

Trouble focusing or staying focused? I hear this a lot, especially lately as University students are approaching back to school.

Here are my fav Trouble focusing or staying focused:

1) Work in 25 minute increments and give it your all, take a 5 min break and get back to work or studying again. Take a break after you`ve done a few 25 minute sessions. For more details on the Pomodoro Technique read here.

2) Start your day writing out your `To-Do List`. Dump all that info out of your head so you know what you want done today

3) Move around. Book a time slot for you to move your body. Movement helps promote better focus.

4) eat leafy greens, nuts or seeds and lean proteins to fuel your mind

5) Sip on tea that`s blended with ingredients like Tulsi, Brahmi, Eleuthero root ginseng and green tea which help with memory, focus and concentration.

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