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6 Reasons you’ll LOVE rosehips

Making healthy choices, staying hydrated, exercise and sleep are important for staying healthy. 

Did you know how wonderful rosehips are?

In fact, rosehips are a good source of Vitamin C, E, polyphenols and carotenoids. This makes for a brew that is high in antioxidants. 
The more antioxidants, the better your body can fight those pesky free radicals that can damage cells. 

6 Reason you’ll LOVE rosehips:

  1. ability to help protect skin against sun damage (you still need to protect your skin)
  2. immune system support
  3. anti-inflammatory
  4. loaded with a variety of antioxidants
  5. helpful with digestion
  6. pain reducer

Soon to be released is my Youth Berry Glow tea which is loaded with good for you certified organic ingredients like rosehips, hibiscus, green tea, elderberries, cinnamon.

Combined, this tea is the antioxidant booster to add to your wellness care.

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