wooden honey dipper used to cleanly add honey to tea
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Tips for Using a Honey Dipper

How to use a honey dipper?

Using a traditional wooden honey dipper is a clean and easy way to dispense honey over crackers, cheese and of course straight into your favourite cup of Muskoka Pantry tea!

Here are 4 easy steps to get your started.

1. Dip – dip the honey stick into your honey jar on an angle.

2. Twist In – Cover honey dipper cone in honey.  The simplest way is to twist the handle in the honey until the dipper is covered.

3. Twist Out – Slowly twist the dipper handle  while lifting the tip out of the honey. Continue to twist. As long as you are twisting the dipper no honey should fall, you should be able to walk across the kitchen without honey dripping from the dipper!

4. Release – To release the honey into simply stop twisting over your cup of tea. Honey will drizzle from the end in a slow and flow. into your tea cup.

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