New Collection Announcement!

I’ve curated this collection of tea and tisane so that you can make your way to well-being at your own pace, and experience your own journey, one sip at a time!

I feel so blessed to be able to share with you the new Classic Tea Collection! 

Each tea in the new collection aims to help you find your happy place.

A place that includes comfort, helps you increase antioxidants or provides you with that helping hand for focus or energy!

And to foster our connection to this amazing planet each loose leaf tea pouch has an illustration featuring flora and fauna in our beautiful region here in Ontario.
Go ahead and browse the Etsy shop for your new favourite tea!

This collection features 10 organic, vegan, dairy + gluten free teas so you can sip your way to well being naturally. Check out the collection in the Muskoka Pantry Shop on Etsy.

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How to Store Fresh Herbs for Longer

🌿 Here’re my favourite​​ tips for storing fresh herbs like parsley, basil, cilantro and mint. 

1. Trim the bottom of the stems 
2. Fill a jar or glass a quarter of the way up with water and place the cut ends of the herbs into the water and cover loosely with a plastic bag or better yet cover with a wax-covered cloth
3. I like to change the water every day or every other day
4. Store herbs in the refrigerator… or should you? Keep reading! 

Which herbs like the cool temperatures of the fridge? Which ones do better on the counter? 

🌿   Cilantro and Mint love cool temps -> store in the refrigerator
🌿   Parsley can be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator Basil is best stored at room temperature. Cool temps will slowly turn its leaves black
🌿   Fresh herbs can last up to 2 weeks when stored this way

Keep herbs happy in a jug of fresh water

PS. When I have more fresh herbs than I can handle, I wash and pat them dry. Then I chop them up and sprinkle them with a bit of sea salt and store them in a container in the freezer. When I need some, I just scoop them out with a spoon as needed for my recipe.

** Note. When adding sea salted herbs to your recipe you’ll want to reduce the amount of sea salt so it’s not over-salted.

Let me know if any of these tips help you!  Do you have any tips for keeping herbs fresh?? 


Announcements, Events & Happenings

Here’s how to have fun this Canada Day!

To commemorate Canada‘s 150th birthday, I’m sharing a few links so that you can celebrate from home!

Canada Day is tomorrow! Are you ready to celebrate? Wow, is it ever different this year still, we can enjoy it!!

Starting tomorrow evening at 8 PM- 10 PM EST on CBC you’ll be able to watch Musical performances from previous years and a virtual fireworks display! Seriously, it’s virtual!!

Want to see and do more from home?

1) Here’s the virtual Celebration Kit. BTW. You should really share this with your friends!!

2) Check out the Culinary Pack for Canadian inspired fun food ideas.

3) Get outside, stay socially responsible and listen to Canada Day music on the Stingray platform at Canada: Together in Music on your TV or you can sign up on their website. 

Stay healthy & Happy Canada Day!!

xo Clara

Gift Guide LOOK Book

Top 10 ways to make Dad’s day special

1) Look through old photos together & reminisce
2) Go for an easy stroll around the neighbourhood
3) Help him in the garden
4) Share a vintage bottle of wine 
5) Host a picnic and make an epic brunch with all his favourite breakfast & lunch foods (my personal favourite) 
6) Organize his workbench (though that gift could be touchy depending on the Dad LOL)
7) Buy take-out and enjoy a simple meal together 
8) Tell him you love him
9) Call him and let him know that you’re thinking of him
10) Send him diner if you can’t be there to bring it to him

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Image: Peter James Anthony

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Get cottage ready, even if it’s in your backyard!

For the first time, I’ve created a mini product collection featuring three of your favorite sea salts and spices for the summer grilling season!

Ready to take on the grill with a little extra help? Feel like a gourmet chef while serving easy meals and enjoying the simple pleasures of summer living.

Each sea salt and spice is available in reusable tins and comes prepackaged in a convenient gift box for easy gift giving. Tins are easily stored in kitchen cupboards and are the perfect size for cottagers, campers, and yachtsmen and women alike.  

The collection includes: easy to follow recipe card, Alderwood smoked sea salt, Merlot sea salt, Garlic infused sea salt, Grill Spice, Coffee Rub and seasoning and a Zesty seafood spice.

I’m excited to welcome you to explore the Cottage Collection that I’ve created with you in mind.

The Cottage Collection is exclusively available in the Muskoka Pantry shop on Etsy.

The collection includes: easy to follow recipe card, Alderwood smoked sea salt, Merlot sea salt, Garlic infused sea salt, Grill Spice, Coffee Rub and seasoning and a Zesty seafood spice.

The collection ranges in price from $7-$45.

Shop the Cottage Collection here: The Cottage Collection

Preview the shop here: The Muskoka Pantry


COVID-19 Update

With growing concerns around COVID-19, I  wanted to provide you with an update on the measures I’m taking to keep our team and customers safe and well.

We already follow strict food safety, sanitation and cleaning protocols and are following all advice given by Canada Public Health.

I will continue to fulfill orders as long as I am able to conduct business in line with government recommendations.

My commitment to you is that I will continue to supply you with safe and high-quality products and will keep you updated of any changes in service. I wish you all a safe, healthy and peaceful time as we all work together in flattening the curve. A special thank you to all of our customers who are providing essential services during this trying time.

Wishing you good health now and always.


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Reduce // Reuse // Recycle

I’m always looking at ways to limit the amount of garbage I put out into the world. All Muskoka Pantry Gourmet Sea Salt and Spice Collections, teas and tea blends, and accessories are shipped using recycled materials whenever possible.

All my packaging is also reusable and depending on your local regulations, recyclable!! I hope when you receive one a spice set or tea from one of my collections, that you find a way to reuse the packaging or even re-gift it! 

So, what I hope is that you don`t mind that you will probably get something from me that might not be brand new wrapping. Just a happy fyi. 🙂




Good news! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Sea Salt and Spice Gift Boxes are back in stock!

Featured: Elements Sea Salt Collection Volume 2

Ready to glam up boring winter meals? The Elements Sea Salt series of gift boxes and Gourmet Spice Collection will help your dinners, appies and even salads taste new and fresh again. Who doesn’t like that idea?!!!

Fresh figs, goat cheese and a sprinkle of Lime Sea Salt top a luscious salad.

Here are some quick links to help you get started on your culinary journey or refill, depending on where you’re at! 🙂

Visit The Muskoka Pantry shop to explore what’s in store.

Global Grillers Kit – perfect for the BBQ King or Queen

Elements Sea Salt Collection Volume 2 – Level UP & take those culinary skills to the next level with this Sea Salt Collection. Fanatical foodies rejoice!

Have any questions? Let me know!

PS. I’m working on a new Spice Collection for you! I may need some taste testers. Let me know if you’re interested!!




Product Update

Just an update regarding the Global Grillers Kit and the Artisan Baking Sea Salts Collection.

There is a back order. Yup, you know it, I make everything by hand but, one key ingredient isn’t available.

I’ll let you know ASAP when I can start shipping those collections ok?! 

There is currently 1 Elements Sea Salt Collection box available . If you`d like it, please follow this link to my Etsy shop to complete your order.

Here is the link for the Elements Sea Salt collection.

Thank you!

Have a great day!



Elements Sea Salt Collection – perfect gift for the Gourmet Foodie


Sea Salt, Sugar and Spice

Happy 2020!

How has the start of the new year been for you? I hope that you’ve had a great start and that it continues to be a beautiful year!

You know how much I love baking and cooking, and I especially love trialling new recipes. There’s a new goodie coming out early spring (can’t say yet – don’t want to spoil the surprise)!! However, I would love some help to create the next collection! If you`d like to be on my feedback team, let me know! I have a small Facebook group, check us out! I invite you to check it out!

It`s The Muskoka Pantry Group.

I would love your thoughts on what to make, and what kind of tea and spice collections you`d like me to try next! Thanks for your help!

Big hugs! Clara