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5 good reasons. #5 is my favourite!

5 good reasons to use a double-walled loose leaf tea bottle, because 1 reason is just not enough!

The Take with you Tea Tumbler
  1. Take your favorite tea with you wherever you go
  2. The Muskoka Pantry double-walled bottle fits brilliantly in most car drinker holders 
  3. Holds the temperature just right because it’s made of borosilicate glass. 
  4. Comes with a protective sleeve
  5. You can use it for coffee with no weird taste when you switch back to water or tea

If you haven’t had a chance to use a double-walled glass tumbler, now is a good time. 

They’re available in the Muskoka Pantry shop.

You’ll also find them locally at the Artisan Boutique in Barrie, and the Makers Market in Orilla. 

Or send a message.

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Matcha Madness! :-)

 Not just for your tea drinking pleasure! Are you hooked on Matcha yet?  I was hooked on Matcha at first sip. I totally had Matcha fever. I feel in love with the beautiful deep green colour, how smooth it went down and it’s vegetal flavor. What could be better? 

Then, my amazing find. Matcha infused sea salt. I don’t recommend adding it to your cooked foods. 

If you’re ready to add a gourmet flair, sprinkle Matcha Sea Sea on top of steamed or baked fish, and vegetable dishes and of course Tempura.  I love adding chopped parsley and Matcha to rice dishes to give it a bright green finish. Some of my Besties tell me they can’t eat eggs without it! 

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