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Chamomile tea as a remedy

Chamomile tea as a remedy for acid reflux? 

Chamomile tea as a remedy for acid reflux? You’ve probably heard of chamomile tea as the drink to have before bed to help you fall into a sweet slumber. But is it the right choice to help you with your acid reflux?
Chamomile is recognized around the world as an anti-inflammatory herb & drinking a cup of chamomile tea has some crazy benefits!
You may actually experience relief by drinking a cup or two of chamomile tea to ease a headache or body ache instead of taking an aspirin!
This amazing plant may also relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression – naturally.
In the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, a 2009 study showed that people who took daily doses of chamomile extract experienced up to a 50 percent reduction in symptoms of anxiety.
There is no evidence to date that chamomile tea will help improve your acid reflux.
There is evidence that chamomile tea will help calm anxiety, settle stomachs and make you drowsy.
The most common way to take chamomile is by drinking tea. Some people drink one to four cups daily.
Would you love to have a little help to fall asleep, soothe anxiety or settle a nervous tummy?
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5 good reasons. #5 is my favourite!

5 good reasons to use a double-walled loose leaf tea bottle, because 1 reason is just not enough!

The Take with you Tea Tumbler
  1. Take your favorite tea with you wherever you go
  2. The Muskoka Pantry double-walled bottle fits brilliantly in most car drinker holders 
  3. Holds the temperature just right because it’s made of borosilicate glass. 
  4. Comes with a protective sleeve
  5. You can use it for coffee with no weird taste when you switch back to water or tea

If you haven’t had a chance to use a double-walled glass tumbler, now is a good time. 

They’re available in the Muskoka Pantry shop.

You’ll also find them locally at the Artisan Boutique in Barrie, and the Makers Market in Orilla. 

Or send a message.

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Matcha Madness! :-)

 Not just for your tea drinking pleasure! Are you hooked on Matcha yet?  I was hooked on Matcha at first sip. I totally had Matcha fever. I feel in love with the beautiful deep green colour, how smooth it went down and it’s vegetal flavor. What could be better? 

Then, my amazing find. Matcha infused sea salt. I don’t recommend adding it to your cooked foods. 

If you’re ready to add a gourmet flair, sprinkle Matcha Sea Sea on top of steamed or baked fish, and vegetable dishes and of course Tempura.  I love adding chopped parsley and Matcha to rice dishes to give it a bright green finish. Some of my Besties tell me they can’t eat eggs without it! 

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