Advent Calendars 2019

2019 Advent Calendars – limited availability

I’ve created a new style of Advent Calendar for you this year and many of them have sold before I’ve even had a chance to list them or show you a photo!! Please connect with me to ensure you receive one this year!

I’m delighted to bring you The Advent Tea Calendar again for another year! 

Enjoy the 24 days of Christmas with this specially curated collection of tea and tisanes from around the world. You’ll experience organic goodness with each sip. Our custom Advent Christmas Calendar is a unique, and exciting way to enjoy our teas.  

There are 25 varieties of tea and tisane which makes this a delicious treat. This assortment includes caffeinated and naturally caffeine-free tea.  ONLY certified Organic tea leaves, roots, fruits and spices are used in these blends.  

This kit includes, 25 teas, 25 clothespins, and twine to hang each tea sachet.  Use this kit to decorate your favourite space with flair for the holidays. Consider hanging your teas on a Christmas Tree, door frame, around a window, or over your fireplace mantle. Please use caution when using tape or adhesive as this may damage surfaces. The tea set is filled with lots of tea, please secure adequately. 

I sincerely hope that you love your tea calendar as much as I loved creating it for you! 

PS. Enjoy your Bonus tea on Christmas Day!  Merry Christmas! 

PSS. Wish you would have bought one last year? Let me know and I will make your own Calendar Gift Box in this other favorite & traditional style! Filled with the delicious, juicy organic tea that you’ve come to expect!

Advent Calendar holds 24 varieties of fresh tea
Advent Calendar holds 24 varieties of fresh tea
Advent Calendar holds 24 varieties of fresh tea

Your FAVORITE Advent Calendar will be back before you know it! Come back early to place your order before the organic, soul-quenching goodness is all gone! 2018

Almost all SOLD OUT!

24 Days of Tea

Advent Calendars are new for Christmas this year!


Each advent calendar is filled with 24 tins of tea for 24 days. This purely organic, sugar and filler-free collection contains four best selling collections. Add a rounded teaspoon to 8 ounces of hot water. Makes approximately 48 cups of tea.  Buy Now!


The Green Goddess Collection – herbal

1. Buddha Focus

2. Pure Infusion

3. Kapha Balance

4. Fountain of Youth

5. Vata Balance

6. Winter Warrior

The Senses Collection – black leaf

7. Chocolate & Roses

8. Red Maple Spice

9. Irish Cream

10. London Fog Earl Grey

11. Caramel Latte

12. Kama Sutra

The Autumn Collection – black leaf, rooibos decaf & coffee bean

13. Cinnamon Dulce de Leche

14. Pumpkin Chai

15. Spicy Cocoa

16. Apple Crumble

17. Banana Chocolate Latte

18. Orange Creamsicle

The Travelers’ Collection – green & white tea & rooibos

19. Afrikan Carnival

20. Snow Maple

21. Merry Berry

22. Black Currant Rooibos

23. Kukicha

24. Japanese Genmaicha

  • Please note that on occasion, stock changes and a tasty substitution is required.

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