• serenity tea for anxiety

Serenitea – Drink Tea for Relaxation


Slow down with a cuppa Serentea.

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The Tea to help you

A little serenity goes a long way

serenity tea for anxiety

Feeling like life is hectic? Slow down with a cuppa Serenitea.

Feel yourself soothed by a fragrant blend of caffeine-free herbs, flowers and elderberries. Breath in the aromas of florals and sweet honey.  Breathe deeply and sip slowly. Enjoy Serenitea.

Certified Organic Ingredients:

Organic Elderberries, organic rose petals, organic passionflower, organic skullcap, organic lemon balm, organic oatstraw, natural essence

Steep 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea in 8 ounces of hot water (100ºC) for 5 minutes.

14 servings per pouch

Made in Barrie, Ontario

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