How you helped The Muskoka Pantry

I am thrilled that everyone who uses my culinary spices and teas, knows that they are getting authentic Muskoka Pantry products worthy of salty chefs and discerning tea sommeliers.

      ~ Clara Nagy

         The Muskoka Pantry, owner

Before I created The Muskoka Pantry, I thought that I was eating healthy.

Then one day I didn’t feel well and that day slowly morphed in to many years of fatigue and generally feeling unwell. Of course, when I learned of my celiac diagnose there was so much to learn. Gluten hides in everything. So does soy, dairy, eggs and sulfates. I decided that the best I could do for myself and family was to ensure that the ingredients we use to prepare our foods and beverages are free of gluten.

I was concerned that I was the only one who really worried about what’s lurking in my cup of tea or spice shaker and who would care enough to trust me with celiac safe gluten free tea or spices?

But then…

after I learned that every day, more people are making an effort to incorporate healthy choices that help them eat better and live better. Even though a tea leaf is small and so is a grain of salt, small changes can have a great impact on your wellbeing.  I’m dedicated to helping people make these small changes in their lives. 

I decided to create the most delicious and beneficial culinary spice and tea collections that free of most common allergens for customers who are concerned about eating gluten free so they can feel healthy and good inside knowing where their tea and spices are from a reliable source in the Canada. 

It turns out…

the road was more difficult than I imagined. 

Before I could do any of this successfully, I’ve had to do countless months or research, prepping and tasting to make 100% certain that my ingredients are winners. 

After countless taste tests, failed recipes, supplier issues I finally found companies to work with that had the same goals as me. Organic, wheat, gluten and dairy free ingredients along with responsible farming practices.

Finding eco-friendly and reusable packaging is also important to me. Fortunately, all products come in packaging that is reusable or come from recycle materials. 

But, the Gluten-Free folks had questions…

Is is organic, gluten-free, dairy-free? Does it still taste good? So I gave away tea and spices samples for free. All day long.     

The best part?

Through it all, I have a wonderful following of celiac and gluten intolerant clients who come back for more. As a side bonus, those who aren’t gluten-free don’t know the difference and come back for more. 

Since releasing my first products, the response has been overwhelming. I’m so grateful to my community and clients and I’m thrilled that to continue to create more collections to soothe and inspire tea lovers and salty champions.